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Lotus 70th Anniversary 2018

Thanks to Lotus Cars and Alex Brake of Stratton Motor Company, I was invited to Lotus’ 70th birthday celebration at Hethel. As a fanatical Lotus man and previous Lotus representative, I wasn’t going to miss this. With so many enthusiasts to attend, Lotus had even organised additional parking for entrants at Snetterton with a bus to headquarters in order to save a potential M25 road jam – in particular, if you’re not in a Lotus, you were definitely parking there!

With the event to start at 10:00 am, I won’t lie, I was there at 8:00 am and I am so glad I did, as you will see from the video of the day, every possible Lotus you can think of was arriving – amazing.

It was a sedate kick off for the day with a Type 110 Lotus Bike club parade that followed by the official welcome from Lotus executives and unveiling of a few special cars. Also as seen in the clip, Classic Team Lotus taking to the track and demonstrating how a Formula One car did and possibly should still sound.

As also seen in the video, ‘one of every Lotus car ever made’ parade with what seemed a fair break from the track which gave me a chance to tour the factory which showcased what was on offer today with the Elise, Exige and Evora. Future developments dedicated a whole room to a mouth-watering model plan, wall designs and a screen projection hinting at all the possibilities.

Back to the track and as shown in the video – the last event of the day, the finale – as many Lotus’ as possible going round the track… all at the same time!

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