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Published on the 6th September 2019 with the live draw to take place on the 8th September 2019 at 19:00 hours.




Johnny was a brilliant and invaluable support throughout my car buying process. At the outset he helped me to work out my requirements and identify which cars to focus on. Then having identified the right car he gave it an incredibly thorough inspection and helped me with negotiating the best possible deal. So I came away with the peace of mind that I had made the right choice, that the car was as described and that I had obtained it at a fair price. I couldn't have done this on my own and and I am totally convinced that Johnny is excellent value for money. I wouldn't hesitate to pay for his services again.

Nick HarrisExecutive Coach, Career Discovery

In architecture, drawing up and refining the brief is paramount – be it hospital, heritage building or house extension. As in architecture, so too in car purchase. Though our needs for a new family car were modest, Johnny Stokes gave them the same consideration that a grander, bigger budget project would warrant. He listened, questioned, contributed his knowledge and expertise, and teased out the options. With an agreed brief, he went away to find the vehicle we were confident he could and would deliver. In very little time he had resourced, located, road-and-workshop-tested the Audi that precisely matched the specification, and brought it fully documented and immaculately valeted to our door. With the same efficiency he found a buyer and a good price for our now too large and greedy Jaguar. We were delighted with the outcome and know how much hassle, uncertainty and time consuming the search would have been for us. When we need a different car to update ours or to meet changed requirements, Johnny at Pemberton Cars will be our first port of call.

David RockPPRIBA FCSD Hon FAIA, Architect

I used Johnny's services in order to purchase a new car. My car knowledge is limited, and wanted someone trustworthy who knows the business, in order to get the best deal possible. I would highly recommend Johnny's assistance. I found Johnny to be extremely diligent and comprehensive in finding the car within the criteria I had set him. Utilising Johnny's help gave me peace of mind in buying my car.

Daniel WilsonOperation Manager, Norfolk County Council

We’ve dealt with Pemberton Cars for a number of years now both as a customer and a supplier. In both respects Johnny was more than professional in everything he did. We have no hesitation in recommending Pemberton Cars to any of our customers.

Ian ThompsonManager, Treadz Tyres

Johnny helped to sell my car last year and took all the stress and hassle out of it. Really professional and genuine making me feel very reassured throughout. I’d definitely recommend him and I’ll certainly be using his services again.

Danielle ThorneAdministration, University of East Anglia

Having spent many years as a motor trader, I had many dealings with Johnny both buying and selling. Knowing Johnny's attention to detail when buying cars from me, I can only say that if he had a car for sale today that I was interested in, then it would be a perfect buy! I wouldn't even need to test drive it! Keep up the good work!

Stewart WalkerSales Manager, John Doe of Diss

Can't recommend this guy highly enough since I've known Johnny I can honestly say he's one of the most honest and professional guys I've met, and a real pleasure to deal with I would recommend anyone going to see him if looking for advice on that special car purchase.

Alfred HewittOperations Manager

I recently engaged Pemberton Cars to survey a Car for me prior to a potential purchase. Everything about the Car looked very promising and I was very keen to view it in person. Myself & Johnny drove to the dealership whereupon Johnny performed the most thoroughly, professional, detailed yet timely survey I have ever witnessed. It was actually a genuine joy to watch someone so personable move across the vehicle with such practised ease, missing nothing whilst highlighting every last detail & issue (good and potentially bad) as he went. After this the Paperwork was similarly examined in exhaustive detail. An impartial, unbiased & entirely factual verbal report (later followed by a Paper copy) was then supplied in terms that anyone could understand. The choice was then mine to make. Ultimately I decided against buying this particular Car based upon the report Johnny prepared. Shortly after this we viewed another Car that I did purchase, this was done with a relaxed, warm & confident feeling based upon Johnny's findings. I have never had any problem at all with this Car & no issues have subsequently surfaced. The detailed advice provided by Johnny was invaluable, deeply appreciated & absolutely vital. My employment of Pemberton Cars for any potential future vehicle purchase is a cast Iron certainty.

Kris ButtonOperation Technician, EDF Energy

Hello Johnny, I hope this finds you well and not too busy. I just thought I would drop you a message as it has been a couple of weeks now since me and Tom visited you and drove away with what could only be seen as two peoples pride and joy. Needless to say Tom is quite possibly the happiest young man alive at this present moment in time and as been since the day he drove back, and it goes without saying that you played a huge part in that, For which I’m whole heartedly grateful for, Johnny I would really like to write a review on your web page if that is at all possible? No probs if not, Well I hope the work on the new house is all going well for you and Kat. If you would be so kind to give Loki a bit of fuss on my behalf that also would be great. Let me know your thoughts on the review. Thanks again Johnny. Kindest Regards, Stuart and Tom

Stuart WaterlandConfidential Business

I’m someone that easily gets the wool pulled over my eyes when buying a car, and ended up with my fingers burnt. Having Johnny on my side guiding and advising made sure that wouldn’t happen. Johnny is a very careful car buyer. Thanks Johnny.

Alex TurnerConfidential Business