Sell My Car

Wishing for me to sell your car for you?

  • Entrust responsibilty to me

  • Endeavour on your behalf

  • Find a suitable new owner

  • Same principles as if the car was my own

  • Aboveboard arrangement

  • Exposure amongst connections

If you own a prestige or classic, one manufactured by a specialist marque or a vehicle that has an interesting history and wish to sell it, I will endeavour to find a buyer for you.

For an agreed commission I operate a specialist sell my car for me service.
I do this to the same standard as everything else at Pemberton Cars and will not take a car on that I cannot honestly sell as if it were one of my own.

To begin with, I kindly request you to send me pictures of the car, full registration, make, model and an accurate mileage. If I feel it is a car that I can sell for you I will arrange an appointment to come and perform a detailed look. At this time I kindly request you have all the paperwork at hand. I will also thoroughly inspect the vehicle and will make recommendations as necessary to make the car ready to place on the market.

The car will be kept securely on my premises for a mutually agreed period, during which I will market the vehicle to try and locate a buyer. The details and pictures will be posted on my website and other websites as required.

Any genuine enquiries or positive offers made for your vehicle will be forwarded to you for consideration and in each instance I will provide my personal advice and recommendation.

If, at the end of the agreed period, the car has failed to sell, we can re-try or the car can simply return to you. Under any of the circumstances including should you find a buyer yourself, there will be an administration fee to cover the cost of my time, the photography, website listings and any other miscellaneous items that you would be aware of throughout.

To speak to me about selling your car, please do not hesitate to contact.
  • Johnny was a brilliant and invaluable support throughout my car buying process. At the outset he helped me to work out my requirements and identify which cars to focus on. Then having identified the right car he gave it an incredibly thorough inspection and helped me with negotiating the best possible deal. So I came away with the peace of mind that I had made the right choice, that the car was as described and that I had obtained it at a fair price. I couldn’t have done this on my own and and I am totally convinced that Johnny is excellent value for money. I wouldn’t hesitate to pay for his services again.

    Nick Harris, Executive Coach

  • In architecture, drawing up and refining the brief is paramount – be it hospital, heritage building or house extension. As in architecture, so too in car purchase. Though our needs for a new family car were modest, Johnny Stokes gave them the same consideration that a grander, bigger budget project would warrant. He listened, questioned, contributed his knowledge and expertise, and teased out the options. With an agreed brief, he went away to find the vehicle we were confident he could and would deliver. In very little time he had resourced, located, road-and-workshop-tested the Audi that precisely matched the specification, and brought it fully documented and immaculately valeted to our door. With the same efficiency he found a buyer and a good price for our now too large and greedy Jaguar. We were delighted with the outcome and know how much hassle, uncertainty and time consuming the search would have been for us. When we need a different car to update ours or to meet changed requirements, Johnny at Pemberton Cars will be our first port of call.

    David Rock, PPRIBA FCSD Hon FAIA, Architect

  • I used Johnny’’s services in order to purchase a new car. My car knowledge is limited, and wanted someone trustworthy who knows the business, in order to get the best deal possible. I would highly recommend Johnny’’s assistance. I found Johnny to be extremely diligent and comprehensive in finding the car within the criteria I had set him. Utilising Johnny’’s help gave me peace of mind in buying my car.

    Daniel Wilson, Operation Manager, Norfolk County Council

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