About Pemberton Cars

Pemberton Cars is owned and run by me, Johnny Stokes. From an early age cars have been my life, my hobby and a business since 2005. Earlier on in my career I spent a considerable amount of time at Stratton Motor Company dealing in high performance and prestige brands including Aston Martin, Lotus and Morgan with guidance from Guy Munday, Charlie Skelton, Kevin Jordan, Tim Reed and the owner Roger Bennington – all names that are well known in the automotive world.

I am a perfectionist and take great pride in my cars, using my extensive knowledge, experience and attention to detail to source the best cars possible, interesting cars, always searching for the rarities that have that something different about them, be they limited or special editions, or one offs. Whatever it may be, the car must meet my high standards; as such, all vehicles acquired will have been driven and possibly owned by me to ensure that the car performs as demanded.

Before I purchase any car I carry out a fully comprehensive hpi check and paperwork verification process that is performed to ensure that all is complete and correct. Any information I gather during the course of this exercise I happily pass on to the new owner within the cars portfolio.

Time and general wear and tear will eventually take their toll, so every car that I buy goes through an in-depth preparation programme that includes a full MOT with no advisories, a what I have titled the 360 check that includes a full service along with looking at anything else that I feel needs to be up to my level of requirements – from matching tyres to centre caps pointing in a synchronised direction.

Once workshop prepared, the joy of detailing upon valeting the car that can include trims removed, checked and cleaned. Every car has to be to its best presentation and strength before I will even consider placing for sale.

Within the whole time doing what I do, I still strongly believe and stand by that honesty is always the best procedure, it appears refreshing to most new clients, especially with how the world is operated today. I will give every customer a positive, friendly experience with the assurances about the vehicle at any stage during the process.

I am driven by a genuine enthusiasm, enjoyment and pure excitement for cars regardless of the marque, type, size or shape.
  • Johnny was a brilliant and invaluable support throughout my car buying process. At the outset he helped me to work out my requirements and identify which cars to focus on. Then having identified the right car he gave it an incredibly thorough inspection and helped me with negotiating the best possible deal. So I came away with the peace of mind that I had made the right choice, that the car was as described and that I had obtained it at a fair price. I couldn’t have done this on my own and and I am totally convinced that Johnny is excellent value for money. I wouldn’t hesitate to pay for his services again.Nick Harris, Executive Coach
  • In architecture, drawing up and refining the brief is paramount – be it hospital, heritage building or house extension. As in architecture, so too in car purchase. Though our needs for a new family car were modest, Johnny Stokes gave them the same consideration that a grander, bigger budget project would warrant. He listened, questioned, contributed his knowledge and expertise, and teased out the options. With an agreed brief, he went away to find the vehicle we were confident he could and would deliver. In very little time he had resourced, located, road-and-workshop-tested the Audi that precisely matched the specification, and brought it fully documented and immaculately valeted to our door. With the same efficiency he found a buyer and a good price for our now too large and greedy Jaguar. We were delighted with the outcome and know how much hassle, uncertainty and time consuming the search would have been for us. When we need a different car to update ours or to meet changed requirements, Johnny at Pemberton Cars will be our first port of call.David Rock, PPRIBA FCSD Hon FAIA, Architect
  • I used Johnny’’s services in order to purchase a new car. My car knowledge is limited, and wanted someone trustworthy who knows the business, in order to get the best deal possible. I would highly recommend Johnny’’s assistance. I found Johnny to be extremely diligent and comprehensive in finding the car within the criteria I had set him. Utilising Johnny’’s help gave me peace of mind in buying my car.Daniel Wilson, Operation Manager, Norfolk County Council
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