• Match your criteria
  • Located for you
  • Peace of mind
  • Negotiate on your behalf
  • Prepared to our grade
  • Own a car you can be assured of

Every now and then Johnny meets a customer who has a particular car in mind and that is the one they want to buy. These customers use his car finding service to find the car they wish for.

Using Johnny’s network of contacts and with a bit of detective work, he can usually find what people are looking for, although these things do not happen overnight. Tracking down the car is one thing, persuading the owner to sell is another? However, everyone has their price or purpose and it is Johnny’s job to try and find an acceptable solution to achieve a successful and gratifying transaction for both parties.

The first step is to contact Johnny and discuss the vehicle you want to find and the budget available, he will give you feedback on this and offer any advice or knowledge that he may feel is important to provide at this stage. If you are in agreement at the end of the communication, he can then begin tracking down your car.

When Johnny does find the car, he will then find out if it might be for sale and if so do all the thorough checks on it to make sure it is exactly what you are looking for and is also in an acceptable condition.

Pending a satisfactory outcome, Johnny will arrange a viewing and inspection with you (if you wish to be present), the seller and of course, himself. If the inspection proves acceptable, Johnny will negotiate a purchase on your behalf.